WhatsApp Marketing

Boost customer engagement with campaigns on WhatsApp

Boost customer engagement with campaigns on WhatsApp

Reach your audience where they are — on the world’s biggest messaging platform.




Unlock the full power of WhatsApp marketing

See how WhatsApp’s 98% average open rate can drive results for your business.


Unlock the full power of WhatsApp marketing


Create Your WhatsApp Business Account

Seamlessly create a WhatsApp Business account with our embedded signup process. Connect directly from our interface and get started creating beautiful campaigns in minutes!


Manage All Your Contacts In One Place

No more manual labor for your WhatsApp marketing! Upload contacts in bulk. Then create powerful segments to send precisely targeted messages. Leverage the same segments across all channels.

Broadcast Marketing Messages To All Your Contacts

You choose who to reach out to. Unlike other solutions, makeMybiz allows you to send campaigns in bulk. Even to contacts who have not initiated contact with you via WhatsApp.


Manage All Your Campaigns From One Convenient Spot

Benefit from a robust multichannel marketing platform. Run your WhatsApp campaigns from one easy-to-use platform.



Advertise Your Business in Digital Platform via Bulk WhatsApp Messages with Affordable Price.


You can target all type of audience, majorly # Offers Messages # Wishes Messages # Promotional Messages

Yes! You can send unlimited text character messages.

You can send: # 4 images (1MB each) # 1 PDF document (1MB each) # 1 Video (1MB each)

Minimum 2-4 hours.

Yes! You can set the campaign and messages will be deliver on Monday starting 10AM.

It’s 90-95% only.

Monday to Saturday between 10:00 am to 06:00 pm.

Yes! You can change the DP image through the console.

No. Messages will be delivered from Virtual Mobile Numbers.

Yes! You can get the live report within 24 hours.


Yes! You have to run minimum 2000 (2k) numbers (less than will not delivered)

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