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Increase your search engine presence, rankings, numbers of visitors and improve the sale of your products and services.

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Makemybiz is offering SEO Services in Hyderabad to Increase your search engine presence, rankings, numbers of visitors and improve the sale of your products.


Increase Your Search Engine Presence With Best SEO Company in Hyderabad


What is SEO

SEO, or search engine optimization, is the process in which people take to make sure that the websites are appealing to the search engines. Even though techniques can vary depending on your industry, the main idea is to make sure the basic white hat tactics are followed on a regular basis.




SEO objectives

Increase your search engine presence, rankings, number of visitors and improve the sale of your products.


Site Analysis

An overall analysis is first done on your site, to assess what is needed to best optimize it for the search engines. Based on this analysis the proposal is adjusted to include the necessary work to be done. This may include: design, layout, navigation, colors, background, fonts, images, broken links, meta tags, web copy, html validation, browser and resolution compatibility, loading times, search engine rankings, site statistics and creating error pages.
All of the factors listed above have some influence in attracting search engine spiders and visitors to your site. If we design the site all these factors are already taken into consideration (which makes it much easier). An established site that’s already index through the search engines will need to be thoroughly analyzed for errors before optimization can begin.


Keyword Research

One of the basic steps in search engine optimization is keyword research. Here competitive keywords relating to the site and unique to your domain are found. Keyword research is done to maximize the impact of search engine optimization. When your site ranks well, more relevant customers come to the site leading to an increase in conversions and hence income for the site. The accurate identification and careful selection of these important keywords and key phrases can literally make or break any web site or online business.


Competitive Analysis

This is for better search engine ranking performance. We study the sites of all your competitors who have high search engine rankings and find out the keywords for which they are ranked. Our SEO expert team analyze your current meta tags and recreate them based on the keywords we have researched. We also analyze your recent web site stats (if you give us access). We can then see how many visitors you are getting, where they are coming from and what keywords they are using.


SEO Copywriting

SEO copywriting is rewriting the text on your site from Our SEO expert team in such a way that it becomes search engine friendly while remaining appealing to the surfer. Keywords relevant to your site are optimized so that your site ranks high when search engines crawl your site. We direct targeted traffic to your site, ensure they are provided with the specific information and hence increase sales for you. Our copy-writing services include modifying your site headings, HTML text, layout, design and even images where needed. Some pages may only require a small amount of editing or none at all, whereas others may need a more extensive rewrite.


Creation of Meta Information (title, description, keywords)

Meta information is used to provide additional information about HTML documents so that the search engine crawlers are able to index the information more accurately.


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