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What is a Payment Gateway for Website

Most of the leading online businesses or e-commerce websites are supported by robust payment gateway services. a payment gateway for website is used in order to process online payments made via various methods (credit cards, UPI, digital wallet, etc.). A payment gateway service provider such as Easebuzz, bridges the gap between your customers, banks and your online business. The payment gateway safely passes all the sensitive information such as your customer’s credit card number and so on, from one end to the other.

Payment Gateway

What is a Payment Gateway for Website

The ease and convenience with which customers can process online payments has in return increased the number of online businesses in India. This ease and convenience comes with multiple benefits payment gateways brings in:
  • Secured and Protected Payments – Payment gateways are highly secured and encrypted. Hence, they protect sensitive customer data such as credit card number, etc., from fraudulent activities or online theft.

  • 24/7 Store – Your customers can make a purchase anytime and from anywhere they want to.

  • Shopping cart convenience – Payment gateways facilitate customers with shopping carts for better shopping and complete checkout experience.

  • Tracking abilities – You can track all your transactions (past and present) all at one place.

  • Multiple modes of transactions – Your customers can make use of a credit card, debit card, net banking, UPI and even international cards to make an online purchase on your website/app.

  • Multiple Device friendly – A payment gateway provides smooth payment experience to customers, be it on a desktop, laptop, mobile or a tablet, etc.

  • Faster transaction processing – A payment service provider is much faster than manual processing. Your customers can make a purchase without any inconvenience of waiting in long queues.

  • Integrated payments & settlements – The effort of individually reaching out to multiple banks naturally reduces by integrating with a payment gateway. It takes all the load on your behalf so that you can solely concentrate on building your business.

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