Real Estate CRM

Widespread exposure to technology – the internet in particular - has encouraged buyers, vendors and clients to demand detailed information and that too, within their desired time frames. In addition, the current scenario has made it a tricky task to attract, deal with, retain, and satisfy today’s customer in the real estate market.

This is one industry where every single customer is different from another - varied backgrounds, economic conditions,

needs, wants, and mindsets. As a result, there is a primary need for personalization and flexibility in order to cater to the diverse requirements of the assorted clientele. The best strategy to meet these challenges is to understand, build and manage a fundamentally strong and long term relationship with customers.

It is evident that the Real Estate industry needs Innovation in finding, segmenting, managing and finally satisfying customers. Finding cross-selling and up selling opportunities is another huge challenge.

The Real Estate sector is growing fast across all directions making it much like a roller coaster ride. Forward looking companies are looking to gain a competitive advantage. The strategy with the biggest impact would be to identify what the most innovative differentiators are and nail them.

Given the current situation, it is vital that developers focus on selling ‘value’ rather than ‘commodity’. Every project stands apart from another in terms of location, features, price, services provided, after sales and so on. It is therefore important that the uniqueness of each project is highlighted and make evident why it is worth investing in a particular property. This has to be achieved by positioning the differentiators in a convincing manner.

The smartest solution to all the above issues is most understandably a CRM solution.

Real Estate CRM Features

Informative Dashboard

  • Graphical View

  • Chart view

  • Follow Up view

  • Many more

Enquiry Management

  • Add/View/Edit/Delete Enquiry

  • Search Enquiry (cross field)

  • Enquiry Allotment Sales Team

  • Follow up Marking

  • Admin Suggestion

  • Enquiry Forward

  • Maturity Marking

  • Site Visit

  • Master Entries (Tags, Project types, Enquiry source)

Employee Management

  • Add/View/Edit/Delete Employee

  • Employee Login Enable/Disable

  • Commission Marking

  • Master Entries (Designation, Branch & Org. etc.)

  • Commission Master

PR Tool

  • To make effective communication system between Client and Company, a channel has been provided to send SMS and email to the enquiry & client database

Graphic Analysis

  • Graphical representation of figure & facts to make it use a managerial decision tool


  • Automated Birthday & Anniversary

  • Wishes to the Client

  • EMI Calculator

  • Plot Availability Search

  • Database Backup

  • Admin Profile

Admin Message

  • Admin message is a tool given to allot work to the employee, send notifications/offer/wishes to the client and channel partners to their respective panel and on email

Property Booking Management

  • Add/View/Edit/Delete Client

  • Add Property Booking

  • Manage Project and Property

  • Master Entries

    • Payment Plans

    • Interest Rates

    • Other Charges Provisions

  • Provision of PLC

  • Provision of Discount

  • Booking Cancellation

  • Refund

  • Transfer of Bookings

  • Receipts Generation (Multi Format)

  • Allotment Letter

  • No Dues Certificate

  • EMI Calculator

  • Payment Reminder (SMS & Email)

  • Client Document Storage

  • Registry Marking

Employee Login

  • To mark, follow up of clients and to manage daily task list

Client Login

  • To know the details of his bookings, payments, Due & Paid EMI, receipt generation and admin notification

Channel Partner Login

  • To know the details of booking, client payment, Dues, Paid EMI, Commission report and admin notification

Role Management

  • To distribute rights to the different user / employee to manage a particular section of application


  • Booking - Loaned, Buy Back, Holding

  • Enquiry

  • Site Visit

  • Registry - Pending and Completed

  • EMI - Due, Cleared, Bounce, In-process

  • Client Wise

  • Employee / Channel Partner

  • Summary