Geo Task

What is GeoTask?

  • For every organization, planning to implement a low cost alternative tracking & attendance management system, that is capable of employees tracking and scheduling whether they were internal or external
  • Both Android & IOS apps are available to download.
  • Afterwards, all the employees must download the attendance app to their mobile phones and activate the app through entering their private OTP (one time password) and as soon as the activation is verified the app is ready to be used.
  • Management can decide the task to assign employee & track them as per their suitability through app or system.


  • Live Monitoring
  • Monitor real-time movement on map for location based task assignment .
  • Digital Order Booking
  • Paperless location linked online order management.
  • Capture Tasks Done
  • Upload geo-tagged images as proof of merchandising
  • Client Visit Counter
  • Automatically captures entry time along with duration of meeting.
  • Conveyance Calculator
  • Settle Conveyance bills with ease by tracking distance travelled.
  • Customisation
  • Tracking application custom-built around your business.

Business Profitability

  • Know exactly your employees are.
  • Assign work to the closest employee with ease.
  • It is easy to calculate total working hours.
  • Know the geographical reach between your client & employee.
  • Helps in quick decision making.
  • Geo-tagged images & notes as verifiable proof.
  • Affordable & widely available Android phones.


  • Lack of real time location of on field staff.
  • No visual proof to verify accountability.
  • Manual reporting delay business decisions.
  • Expensive handheld & misuse.
  • Difficult to share updates across hierarchy.
  • Can’t figure out employee panic status.
  • Actual travelling conveyance is never found.