Fleet Management System


  • FMS Software is easy to use and flexible to meet your business process requirement, does not require skilled manpower to operate it and runs on infrastructure and provides high ROI.
  • Effective fleet management aims at reducing and minimizing overall costs through maximum, cost effective utilization of resources.
  • The administration and financial management of fleet is very organizational specific. It largely depends on donor requirements and organizational policies.
  • Policies are designed to facilitate and encourage accountability, monitoring of usage and costs, provide internal control and to serve as a management tool for better decision

Aspects of FMS

  • Identifying needs
  • Acquisition Process
  • Insurance
  • Vehicle leasing (Internal & external)
  • Vehicle Management
    • Fleet management systems
    • Vehicle maintenance and upkeep
  • Vehicle usage
    • Vehicle disposal
  • Health, Safety & Security
    • Complying with Legislation and security requirements
    • Drivers


  • The system is designed and developed for any car rental services, Vehicle Vendors and such types of businesses.
  • This Application Software manages clients, contract, vendors, driver's, vehicle masters.
  • Apart from these Masters, there is a main robust Booking Panel tha


  • Vehicle Master
  • Client Master
  • Contract Master
  • Vendor Master
  • Driver Master
  • Booking
  • Duty Assignment
  • Vehicle expense
  • Maintenance Record
  • Availability of vehicles as and when required
  • Cost efficiency
  • Vendors Management
  • Less manpower dependency
  • Contract upload facility
  • Vehicle safety & safety
  • Performance management
  • Distances travelled
  • Duty Completed
  • Distance travelled by vehicle showing official and private mileage
  • Repair and maintenance per vehicle
  • Servicing planned and completed


  • Fleet management in organizations is expensive. Vehicles are valuable assets and critical for business continuity. They therefore require adequate attention.
  • Depending on the level of emergency the criteria may vary from time to time.
  • Able to expand to future fleet and contractors.
  • Customer ownership of data, years of storage and customer access.

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