Enterprise Email

Powerful Email and Cloud Productivity Suite for Business

  • 30 GB mailbox storage per account

  • Additional storage available

  • Ideal for Team Collaboration

  • Robust Spam Protection

  • 99.99% Service Uptime

  • 24x7 Support


Starting at Rs.89/month per email ID


Access and manage all your email accounts across Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo and others from one unified interface.

  • Clear and intuitive communications

  • Unified inbox for social and business accounts

  • Attachment Drag & Drop and preview

  • Sorting, searching and flagging

  • Filtering rules & auto-responders

  • Smartphone app for iOS and Android

  • Compatible with MS Outlook, Apple Mail, Thunderbird & other clients



Organize your professional and personal life the quick and easy way. Do more everyday and better manage your time!

  • Personal, shared and public calendars

  • Easy group scheduling with free/busy views

  • Manage external participants & appointments

  • Quick setup and fast access to Reminders

  • Time zone integration and visualization

  • Seamless import & export options



All your contacts in one place! Never forget or loss a number or a name again!

  • Centralized contact management

  • Shared and public address books

  • Auto contact gathering

  • Time zone integration and visualization

  • Directly create shared and private mailing lists and appointments


Features and Specifications

Abundant Storage

30GB space per Email ID. Additional storage available on purchase.


Easily migrate email from your old email provider in one click

Manage Multiple Identities

Choose which address you want to use to send an email

Distribution Lists

Effortlessly send messages to a group of friends, family or colleagues

Global Address book

Shared contact list for all accounts in one place

Effortless Collaboration

Sync your calendar and contacts across multiple devices

Multiple Platform

Access your data on any device quickly and seamlessly

SSL Certificate Support

Install any certificate to secure your webmail and data

High Level Protection

Anti-spam, anti-virus, anti-malware protection on incoming and outgoing emails

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How will purchasing Enterprise Email benefit me?

By purchasing an Enterprise Email package you take advantage of our advanced email technology, to give you the least latency and industry best uptime, scalability and reliability. An email service being served out of the cloud also means no IT hardware, software, bandwidth or people costs, and a simple pay-as-you-grow model.

What typical features does an Enterprise Email provide over Business Email?

Enterprise Email supports a number of features that aren't available in Business email. Shared calendaring, global contacts and push synchronization for mobile devices, MS Outlook & Mac OSX.

Which Email Clients and protocols are supported?

You can send and receive emails using any desktop-based email client such as Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, Mozilla Thunderbird, Eudora, Entourage, Windows Mail, etc. We also have a guide on how you can configure different email clients to send/receive emails. The enterprise email product supports the POP and IMAP protocols.

How do I use my Webmail Interface?

To access your Webmail Interface, you can use the white-labelled URL: http://webmail.yourdomainname.com. Once on the login page, you will need to login with your email address and the corresponding password.

Which mobile phones can I access my mail from?

Your email can be accessed using any Smartphone or Tablet. Our responsive webmail, is compatible on all major Operating systems such as iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, Symbian and Blackberry.

What is the space provided per Email Account?

Each email account comes with 25 GB space dedicated to your emails.

What port do I need to use for Email Hosting

Usually, the port used for the Outgoing Mail Server/SMTP Service is 25. However, there might be a situation where your ISP might be blocking the use of port 25 for SMTP service. To circumvent this, you can use an alternate port 587 for sending mails.

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Business Email Solutions

Why Business e-Mail?

There is no dearth of companies offering free email accounts; but any serious business would want to portray a professional face and use a business email solution. Firstly, enterprise email allows you to have your own domain name in your official email address, unlike free email which has the provider's name. Secondly, free email providers enforce limits on attachment size and functionality which restricts the efficiency that you can derive from an email product.